Helen Sherrah-Davies’ StarStuff

Richly beautiful album. In a league-of-its-own brilliance. – Neal Richardson, Splash Point Music UK

Compelling entry into a new universe. Helen’s exquisite playing and dazzling compositions draw you into her unique world. Her music defines new soundscapes that are familiar enough to welcome you in but unusual enough to arouse your curiosity. Don’t be afraid – the journey will enrich you. – Mimi Rabson, Associate Professor, Berklee College of Music

Helen Sherrah-Davies creates music that is so strong, it approaches the status of an new sentient being. Story, heart, and beauty all party together in a musical house made of the most fascinating textures and materials. Even in the most thorny complex episodes, we are moved to care, laugh, and rejoice, washed by waves of melodic love. You hear it in the enthusiasm of the musicians, who are engaged, present, and full of vim… Something truly happened here on this recording; and it is truly something beautiful. – Darol Anger

  1. Starstuff Helen Sherrah-Davies 1:22
  2. It's Kinda Odd Helen Sherrah-Davies 0:46
  3. Kat Kopanica Helen Sherrah-Davies 1:00
  4. Demon Eyes Helen Sherrah-Davies 0:45
  5. Ever Returning Light Helen Sherrah-Davies 0:50
  6. Bling Helen Sherrah-Davies 0:46
  7. Spirit Line Helen Sherrah-Davies 0:45

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