The Road To Ramallah







World Refugee Day

Monday 20 June: al Kamandjati and UNRWA (UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East) presented the premiere of “My World”, the winners of the annual short films competition, made by young refugees. It was stated that Palestinians make up the...

Now the turn of the children

Rehearsals started in earnest with two orchestras, the Youth Orchestra, and the Ramallah Orchestra.  I had been giving lessons during the days of our faculty rehearsals and concerts - and now we were ready to try playing all...


Save The Wolves

Defenders of Wildlife
"Defenders' main focus is restoring wolves to surviving former habitats in the lower 48 states and to prevent the extirpation of wolves in areas where they still exist."

5% of all CD sales go to help save the wolves!

The Road To Ramallah