Helen Sherrah-Davies

5-String Violinist / Pianist / Composer

After many years as a classical performer and educator in her native Britain, Cambridge-educated five-string violinist and composer Helen Sherrah-Davies relocated to Boston, and graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2008 (Summa Cum Laude) with the “most valuable player” award, winning praise for being “one of Berklee’s most original voices”. She then gained a Masters in Contemporary Improvisation from New England Conservatory & is now an Associate Professor in the Harmony Department at Berklee.

International credits include recording with Herbie Flowers (Sky/T Rex) in the UK, performing with Jon Lord (Deep Purple) in Switzerland, at the wedding of “Posh Spice” to David Beckham in Ireland, Montepulciano Opera Festival Orchestra in Italy, an International Music Festival in the West Bank Palestine in 2011 – also teaching at Al Kamandjati in Ramallah.

Stateside credits include performing with Simon Shaheen, performing & recording with Mimi Rabson’s “Strings Theory Trio”, singer song-writer Alan Williams’, “Birdsong at Morning”, & the Boston-based Jazz Composers Alliance. Summer 2012 saw her explore microtonal notes between “the notes” with monster guitarist Dave “Fuze” Fiuczynski’s unique “Planet Microjam Institute” at the Jazz Festival in Genoa, Italy, & in 2016 with the Splash Point All Stars at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London.

Her debut recording as lead, “StarStuff” jazz-infected, synaesthetic inspired & trans-stylistic originals, was born in 2009:

“A richly beautiful album.  In a league-of-its-own brilliance” (Neal Richardson, Splash Point Music, UK)

Helen follows a path of “eclectic inspiration, disparate sonic influences and the realm of the Imagination.” Darol Anger, the acclaimed fiddler, has described Helen’s music as “so strong, it approaches the status of a new sentient being…. Even in the most thorny, complex episodes, we are moved to care, laugh and rejoice, washed by waves of melodic love.”

Helen’s inspirations are wide-ranging: astronomy, archaeology, travelling, gardening, wood carving in a very humble way, & all matters involving Spirit & Psyche – the Harmony of the Spheres…

Still trying to learn how to bring more depth into each and every Now – (and if not now, when…)

Just insatiably curious really…